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Rules of the Dojang

Rules and conditions

  1. All students must complete and sign the relevant membership application forms prior to commencing training.

  2. All students must be in possession of a TAGB licence after four weeks of training.

  3. Subscriptions to be paid in the first week of every month.

  4. The build up of arrears is not accepted.

  5. One month's prior notice must be given for adjustment of fees owing to holidays, etc. (any adjustment in fees is at the Instructor's discretion).

  6. Any student not attending lessons and not paying fees for a continuous period of 3 months or more shall pay an re-enrolment fee before bieng allowing to recommence training.

  7. No smoking, eating, drinking or wearing of jewellery, (rings, etc.) is permitted during training or in the Dojang.

  8. No smoking is permitted whilst wearing a Dobok regardless of the place (Dojang, tournament, demonstration etc.).

  9. Your belt must be removed if eating or drinking whilst you are wearing your Dobok.

  10. A TAGB Dobok must be worn during training in the Dojang. The wearing of tracksuits, club suits or other clothing is not permitted unless prior permission has been obtained from the Instructor.

  11. The most senior member present will commence training sessions promptly until the Instructor arrives.

  12. Misuse of the art will result in disciplinary action.

  13. Grading will depend on a student's attitude, attendance and the Instructor's discretion as well as technical ability.

  14. No student may change TAGB schools without obtaining prior permission from both Instructors concerned, and fully completing a transfer form.

Conduct in the Dojang

  1. Bow upon entering and leaving the gym.

  2. Bow to the Instructor at a proper distance.

  3. Exchange greetings between students.

  4. Bow the Instructor upon forming a line before training.

  5. Bow the Instructor upon forming a line prior to dismissal.

  6. Bow before leaving the Dojang.


10 points to becoming a good Tae Kwon-Do student

  1. Never tire of learning. A good student can learn anywhere, anytime. This is the secret of knowledge.

  2. A good student must be willing to sacrifice for his art and his Instructor. Many students feel that their training is a commodity bought with monthly fees, and are unwilling to take part in any demonstrations, teaching, or work around the Dojang. An Instructor can afford to lose this type of student.

  3. Always set a good example to lower ranking students. It is only natural that they attempt to emulate their seniors.

  4. Always be loyal and never criticise the Instructor, Tae Kwon-Do, or the teaching methods.

  5. If an Instructor teaches a technique, practice it and attempt to utilize it.

  6. Remember that a student's conduct outside the Dojang reflects on the Art and the Instructor.

  7. If a student adopts a technique from another Dojang and the Instructor disapproves of it, the student must discard it immediately, or train in the Dojang where it was learnt.

  8. Never be disrespectful to the Instructor. Although a student is allowed to disagree with the Instructor, he must first follow the instruction and then discuss the matter later.

  9. Always arrive before training is due to start and ensure that you have a good attendance record.

  10. Never break a trust.

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